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I've been having these bizzare cold spots,its been in the high 90's here all week and I will get these wet cold spots,as if someone has laid a peice of ice on my skin they can appear anywhere.And I check and theres nothing there.To top it off I have been getting this annoying buzzing feeling,started in my right wrist,then both elbows and now its been in my right leg nonstop,if thats not enough I'll get these electrical shocks in the bottom of my feet,they hurt.It seems as if my nerves have all of a sudden went hay wire.


I have weird things happening since this heat wave too. Started last weekend with short, sharp pain on the left side of head around the temple area then a feeling of something crawling on the skin and now to top it all off I'm having muscle spasms all over, even my neck and feet. These spasms get especially worse when laying down or maybe just more noticeable? I'm thinking it's the heat causing me to start into another attack since all these symptoms are new.:eek: See the neuro on Monday, hope he can do something to relieve the spasms if nothing else. Hope your cold spots and buzzing are easing up!


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