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I've been having these bizzare cold spots,its been in the high 90's here all week and I will get these wet cold spots,as if someone has laid a peice of ice on my skin they can appear anywhere.And I check and theres nothing there.To top it off I have been getting this annoying buzzing feeling,started in my right wrist,then both elbows and now its been in my right leg nonstop,if thats not enough I'll get these electrical shocks in the bottom of my feet,they hurt.It seems as if my nerves have all of a sudden went hay wire.


Nothing has eased up,but its sill hot here.The electrical shocks in my feet are increasing.I hope your spasms settle down.Spasms are my worst symptom,they are chronic and severe at times.I take baclofen and zanaflex 4 times a day,neuro didn't like that my previous neuro had me on both together but its the only thing that works.
Let me know what neuro says


August 8th will be here soon.I hope they can shed some light on a diagnosis for you.
I tried lyrica,its used to treat neuropathic pain,I took it one day and broke out with hives from head to toe,that was a guick end to that.
I can't function without the baclofen and zanaflex.I now take 20 mgs baclofen with 8 mgs of zanaflex every 4 hours.My neuro is at his witts end with me.He told me I'm a demyelinating mystery.I thought geez thats nice.The lesions in the occipital region is gone,which they can remyelinate,the spinal fluid is still elevated with myelin basic protein,and all the veps are abnormal and to add to it the occipital region of the brain is basically shrinking,do to past lesions.
I see my neuro August 11th,I've had a host of bizzare symptoms going on,last night I was typing and I got a buzzing in my neck and when I looked down it was as if someone tried to electricute me,the pain went straight down all 4 limbs,it definatly brought tears to my eyes.I have this in my feet daily and slightly in my neck but never like this.The cold spots are getting worse,they are annoying.
Be careful with that drive,the last time I drove any distance it was about an hour and a half and I didn't walk for 2 weeks afterwards.Thats what started the search and led to MS.
I agree I don't like this disease either,but I could be worse.


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