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Hi KelliD

My symptoms do get much worse at PMS time, I had a hysterectomy and don't get my period anymore, but a couple of times a year I get PMS.

I think that it is hormones, I had horrible difficult periods for 30 years, real mean PMS, and I grew lots of fibroid tumors, so right there I can see that my hormones are off.

and when you get pregnant w/MS, alot of your MS symptoms go away, :eek: hmmm sounds like that darn old hormone acting up again.

This is one thing that we have to figure out for ourselves, there is probably a blood test to determine hormore levels and maybe that could answer your why. If estrogen is dominate, then you need progesterone to even it up. nad I imagine it's the opposite if the progesterone is dominant.

Do you like my thinking? Ask your gyne about this, maybe I have just discovered the answer that dr's are looking for!! ;) I will ask my dr about this too,

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