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My sister suddenly had vision problems in her "good" eye at the end of June. The "bad" eye always had poor central vision, and she needs strong magnification to see (with just that eye). She lost the center vision in the "good" eye, and then it went completely.

At the eye hospital, she was given laser treatments (both eyes; one at a time). She had an MRI, and was told that there [B]were[/B] some lesions. She had the three-day Rebif treatment, and took a course of Prednisone tablets for about two weeks. Well, the peripheral vision is back in the "good" eye, but the center vision is still not cleared up.

She had been told to see an MS specialist, but she is not employed and has no health coverage. (She has already paid for a few office visits / Rx's, but the little bit of money she has is quickly running out.)

OK, sorry for digressing, but I wanted to give a background.

I was just wondering if anyone has vision problems [B][U]only[/U][/B]. Since she already had problems with one eye, and has no other symptoms, is it probable that it's [B]not[/B] MS?

As an aside, two family members have severe vision problems. One of my father's brothers just lost his sight to macular degeneration, and one of his sisters has narrow angle vision, requiring laser treatment.

Thanks for your time,

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