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My first MS attack happened back in 1998 after a tramatic back surgery,after a few test my surgeon told me I had MS.I was 33 and disregarded the diagnosis,my surgeon botched my surgery and I thought he was covering his butt.(lumbar partial spinal lesion and bilateral optical neuritis)

I was rediagnosed in June .

My off balance can be from the MS and 2 failed back surgeries.I have drop foot and where leg braces,doesn't help the balance.I sway back and forth on bad days like a drunken sailor.I have had this for years.

My other symptoms are blurred vision,numbness and tingling in different spots,ringing right ear,electical shocks in feet,buzzing in neck and spine that spreads to limbs,weakness upon movement as in limbs get tired,right leg drag after walking a short distance.Heat intolerance,fatigue,brain fog.

Test----multiple blood test,6 MRI's --2 brain,2 neck,thoracic and lumbar.EEG---sleep deprived(rule out seizures)3 EMG/NCS checking for nerve conduction blocking do to demylination ( rule out myopathy and ALS)I do have lumbar radiculopathy--nerve irritation from previous surgeries.Visual evoked potential,samoto-sensory evoked potentials these test detect lesions MRI's don't pick up.Lumbar puncture--no o-bands , highly elevated myelin basic proteins,demyelination is occuring.

Lesions--detected by MRI---cortical atrophy caused demyelination---lesions in occipital frontal area bilateral(vision is decreasing).Spinal lesions detected by evoked potentials,past optical neuritis,borderline visual evoked potentials.EMG/NCS slowing nerve conduction ,demyelinating cause.Then the LP with elevated myelin basic protein.

A diagnoses of MS,is a diagnoses of excluding all other possibilities.I don't meet the standard criteria (McDonald Criteria)for MS.My panel of Drs are awesome,I have a neurologist,neurosurgeon,electromuscular,and my GP .I was diagnosed with primary progressive MS.Symptoms lesson but never totally disappear.

I'm currently not on MS (crabs)meds.I have several allergic reactions to meds that I'm still researching the meds.I do take baclofen,zanaflex and quinine for chronic spasticity.I use pain meds on a need basis.

MS is an individual disease with multiple symptoms and not everyone has the same symptoms.Some experience a large variety of them and others just a few.I have to distinguish between my MS and the back problems one feeds off the other.
The road to a diagnosis is bumpy,long and full of test.Try to stay stress free as possible.

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