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Re: Freakout!
Aug 11, 2006

My first symptoms appeared after a failed lumbar surgery,I woke up after surgery and couldn't move my legs,one month later,I lost my vision,numbness through out body and every limb was extremly heavy and had little use of them.After 11 months I could walk without aide and everything returned to normal.My neurosurgeon told me then I had MS,I disregarded that do to the failed surgery.I had no other symptoms until Septemberr 2004 when I started getting muscle spasms that were relentless,this progressed to numbness and weakness on right side,difficult moving arm and leg,vision has decreased in both eyes,facial numbness,electrical shocks in neck and spine,leg numbness,brain fog and fatigue.My symptoms gradually increased and they were at there worst from November 2005 until Feb 2006,many have disappeared,but reappear.I still have chronic spasticity and numbness,blurred spot in central vision in left eye,ringing in right ear and constant buzzing down right side,the right leg buzzes constantly.I loss my balance in the dark.
I did have pnemonia(sp) and bronchitis all winter my immune system was shot.
I currently am taking (zanaflex,baclofen, quinine,)spastictity meds.folic acid,alpha liphoric acid,multi-vitamin,glutimine.I don't know if the homeopathic meds are helping or not.
I have PPMS,little research has been on this type of MS.The symptoms are here each day and somedays can be really hard,I have not given in or up.It has led to some disabilities,I wear leg braces and I have new limitations,but I can work around them.This disease has really took a toll on my right leg,it likes to drag,have a hard time with stairs,it will give out and I'll fall.
I'm glad your feeling better and getting around better.Have you tried any physical therapy?Light physical therapy can do wonders,I still do mine at home when I get a chance.Hang in there.Sometimes it can take time for disorders to present it self other than just symptoms.
Steerpike did you read the MRI reports yourself?Get copies,sometimes if there is one or two lesions ,neuro's disregard them beings they don't meet the MCdonald criteria.


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