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Finally he listened,sometimes getting a "I don't give a crap " attitude does us wonders.Its like its the only time they actually here us.Its about time he called the UK and get to the bottom of it.i think you'll like the baclofen!I'm trying to get off the zanaflex,I think its contributing to the loss of muscle tone and my fatigue.I've been on it 4 times a day for a year and I'm having some minor with drawls.Once its out of my system they are going to increase the baclofen.I found out the zanaflex has a mild anti-depressant.
Yes,I talked to my neuro's office,he wants me to cut out all caffine and to quit smoking and see if some of my symptoms will subside.It ain't gonna hurt me to stop smoking,but I want my caffine,it helps with the fatigue.My target date is wensday(cold turkey).My neuro wants to do another LP,he thinks the myelin basic protein is to high again.
You had a very productive day,no one wants to read the diagnosis of MS,but not knowing is worse than having the disease.Take a deep breath , absorb and treat yourself to something nice.You deserve it.


I asked my regular neuro if he had changed his diagnosis or if he still thought I had MS? He said he still believes I do. He is certain enough that he wrote a letter to SSI stating my "current clinical diagnosis is Multiple Sclerosis". That resolves the diagnosis issue as far as I'm concerned and should resolve it on the disability end too. The neurologist I saw at UK has been forgotten, especially after finding out he's a neurologist who specialized in seizures instead of MS. If my primary doctors office makes the next appointment no telling what kind of speciality the neurologist they set me up with will have but I bet it won't be multiple sclerosis. There must not be many people in this area with MS because I haven't been able to contact anyone who has it or knows anyone who has it.

I cancelled all the repeat tests the UK neurologist set up since my neurologist also felt they were unnecessary after finally understanding that I never got to the MS Clinic. He thought all this time I had been fussing at him because the MS Clinic wanted to repeat the tests and he couldn't understand why I this upset me so badly. It took me telling him 6 times to get him to finally realize what was upsetting me. Thought I was going to have to jump up and down, turn flips and cartwheels to get him to comprehend! Once he did get finally get it you could see the wheels in his mind turning and the complete look of confusion on his face. This had to be similar to the look I had the day that idiot neurologist at UK was talking to me!

The problems with my back are one of the biggest reasons I don't like lumbar punctures. Those darn every other month facet joint injections are about all I can handle, sure don't want any extra needles stuck in my back.

My old high school sweetheart showed up in KY Tuesday afternoon. He managed to change his truck route so he came back through KY when returning from the north. Guess I was more impressed with him than he was with me though. Haven't heard from him since he left, darn it! Find one I like and he doesn't return the feeling. Oh well, it was still nice to see him again and spend some time reminiscing. May have to come to Ohio to find a honey and a decent doctor! :D

I'll get my baclofen around the 15th of next month unless I'm not calculating the day correctly on the prescription coverage. Medicaid doesn't run month end to month end but instead from the date of the last prescription and only 26 days instead of 31 so it keeps me confused. I'm hesitant to take anymore of the Zanaflex because I hate those headaches. I'm trying to hold out until the spasms get to the point I can't stand it before taking anymore.

I do the same, smoke more to cover the pain and symptoms. Think this is why the bronchiatis is so bad this time. I've been up all night coughing but the thought of quitting right now is more than I can handle. Someday when the time is right I'll consider it. The only way to quit is to want to and do as you are, cold turkey! You'll succeed!!!! I'm your cheerleader!:D

Gotta get my girls up for school.

Have a good day.

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