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I've threatened numerous times to have the phones completely removed from our house since I can't get my calls anyway, my kids do this to me constantly. If I'm not standing right in front of them when they answer the phone they tell whoever it is they can't find me. Can't tell you how many important phone calls I've missed because of them! I know it doesn't help your situation but might make you feel better to know you aren't the only one who has to put up with teenagers who don't look for people when the phone rings. No amount of explaining the importance of an expected call seems to matter either. Since I can't outrun them to the phone anymore all I can do is scream out whenever the phone rings to bring it to me if it's for me. It's absurd when adults can't get their phone calls! If we had done this to our parents when growing up we would not be here posting on these boards today!

Hope your buzzing gets better on it's own so you don't have to go to the ER. Are there no alternatives to steroids? I haven't had to take them through IV yet but have had no problem with oral steroids or the steroid injections for my back so I'm assuming I'm not allergic. They just make me moody and mean as a rattlesnake.

My feet, hands and arms are "falling asleep" constantly, with my feet having a burning sensation in between sleeping sessions. The neurologist stopped the Lyrica hoping it was the cause but it's getting worse instead of better. Wonder if Topomax causes this problem too? He increased the dosage of the Topomax but only by 25mg. I'm only up to 50 mg so it shouldn't be having much of an impact yet. Hope this isn't an exaberation coming on. He also wants to do a diabetic fasting test to see if that could be the cause. I don't think it is but I'll humor him. They have tested for diabetes so many times it's ridiculous.

Take care and keep me posted on your condition. We're going to survive all this, teenagers included!


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