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I'm new here. I mostly read other posts. I am in the stage of gathering information and want to ask a question about an episode of pins and needles in hands/feet. Where do those of you who are DX with MS get the pins and needles in your hands and feet? I am hoping that you guys can reassure me, but I am not sure what I am looking for, just mostly it would be nice if you guys could describe where your pins and needles hit you.

Here is my background to my question: My neurologist has me listed as "possible MS" since a year ago. I had a bad spell last year when I was tripping, lightheaded and dropping things, plus experiencing bladder issues and zingers in my neck. At that time, my tests were all normal and my brain MRI was clean. Since around a year ago, I have been doing really well and am just about back to normal. Two exceptions: I trip at times, especially on stairs, and have fallen flat on my face around 3 times.I also had an episode of worsening symptoms: pins and needles in my hands and feet.

Here is my question/isssue, Is it true that MS-ers do not get pins and needles in the palm and along the sole of the foot?

My neurologist told me I was not getting pins and needles in the typical location for MS symptoms and that it was probably just a virus:
I had pins and needles just in my hands and feet, mostly my right foot and left hand, but the sensation travelled a bit from side to side. The location of the feeling was typically pins and needles in the palm and up to halfway up the fingers and thumb AND pins and needles in the soles of my feet. If this sounds confusing, the easiest way to explain it is I felt pins and needles as if I slapped someone in the face or slammed my foot down really hard. There were no pins and needles in the arm or leg. The pins and needles lasted around 3 weeks.

Do these symptoms sound like they are not where MS hits you with pins and needles?

Thanks -- and sorry for so long a question!

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