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Hello all......some 3 and half months ago I started having chest pains, which of course I thought were cardiac related. A visit to ER with all the resultant tests proved to be okay. The chest pains continued, mainly in the mid to upper chest, radiaiting through the back. Classic angina symptoms. I had a stress test some six weeks into this cycle, which was also good. In fact whenever I exercised the pains were not too bad if there at all. In all I probably had about 8 to 9 weeks of this, more or less constant. Some reasonable days but certainly pain there everyday. I was also put on to BP tablets as my BP was on the high side, that was the only negative of 8 weeks of tests. In myself I felt normal, no fatigue or tired limbs. About 9 weeks into this I started getting throat pains and tingles in the lower face. Naturally i thought of stroke. About two weeks after this I had a nauseaus feeling with face tingles and also in the left hand and arm. I went straight to ER thinking I was having a stroke but everything again was normal. My GP next day said to me felt that all my activity was 95% non-cardiac. However in the 5 weeks since the tingles have worsend, left side of face, throat, both hands and both feet. left very tired. In the last week and half the chest pain have greatly subsided but tingles increased and worst of all really bad fatigue has hit, a feeling of emptyness, especially in my left leg. My GP sent me for more blood tests and had a physical examination to look for muscoskelatal problems and sennt me for CT scan today of head and spine. I don't have the result as yet. Of course I raised the question of MS, he nodded and said yes my sysmptoms were starting to fit the step MRI.

Does any of this sound like MS ? Has anyone ever had this course of events ? BY the way I am 45, male and have always been active. Two weeks before my first chest apin I would have said I was in the best shape of life, playing seven a side of competitive soccer and swimming every day with no problems whatsoever. Can MS take hold so suddenly without prior symptoms ?

Sorry for the rambling post. I would be grateful for any feedback.

Sorry for all you have been thru.honestly,your symptoms sound to me to be more likely related to a C or upper T spine issue rather than MS.tho i am most definitely not a doc,i have suffered with many many c and t spine problems in the past.even the facial symptoms can be stemming from the c spine as there are cranial nerves that actually run from the head,down thru the c spine and then loop back up into the head again.i also have facial paresthesias(the tingles and other odd sensations)in and around my upper lip and into one side of my nose caused by only my c 8 nerve damage in my neck.your other symptoms,even the chest pain,can also be possible to be generated by spinal problems.

i am kind of suprised that your doc didn't just skip the CT and go right to a contrasted MRI of the c spine and your brain,just in order to rule out the other would have saved you some time and money by going right to the MRI since he will probably go that route anyway at some point.the thing is,a CT wont always pick up the problems that can stem from the soft tissue structures since it only uses radiation as opposed to the extreme magnetism of an MRI.and using contrast along with an MRI gets a much clearer look at the arterial structures within the brain.this would pick up any possible vascular malformations that could also cause the symptoms you have described.

there are just sooo many possible reasons for your type of symptoms that I wouldn't really start worrying about actually haveing MS just I said,a good bet could be a spinal issue as well.

i wish you luck here and really hope it is something much less dramatic than something like MS.please keep me posted on what you find out,K?i know its easier said than done,but try not to worry about things you don't know are even there yet,K?take care,FB
Thanks FB. Last week's blood tests and CT scan showed nothing out of the ordinary as far as the doctor says. They still reckon it is neurological, and a maybe MS in origin. I have an MRI next Tuesday which will tell me one way or the other. I am still very surprised that my chest pains throughout May to July have come to this. I vividly recall the first day, a fairly hefty heart flutter at work finally turning to pain, persisting more or less day after day. In fact never a day without it for 7 weeks, before the tingling and fatigue etc etc. The chest pains have more or less gone, I do have some upper back pain, which has been there from May onwards.

My brain MRI came back normal, though I did not have a c spine MRI. What do you think ? As for present symptoms there are as they have been now for a while. Weakness in legs, especially the left; tingling in the hands; tingling in the left side of face and chin. Some eye pain though not much. No blurring or loss of vision. I do have the upper back pain from time to time, in fact I can feel it now as I type these words.

I was terrifically relieved when my brain MRI came back normal......however what can be bothering me ? My doc said it was an excellent result though said we will see how it goes and maybe do a LP in the future if the symptoms persist.

I have a bit more energy than I did previously though no where near my usual self.


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