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Hi all

I have a few questions. In 2003 my husband started having issues with dizziness. It seemed to get worse when he exercised. We went to a neurologist and had and MRI and other tests that all came back negative. He went to an ENT which showed some inner ear problems, but nothing bad enough to cause the dizziness. He had heart tests and those were fine also. My husband got sick of not finding any answers so he kind of gave up. Over the past two years he would continue to have low levels of dizziness, but nothing too bad until recently. He started exercising again and had a real bad spell with the dizziness. He went to a new neurologist and had another MRI and a MRA. I called for the results and the doctor said the MRA was normal and that the radiologist put in his report "several small non-specific white matter lesions" in a couple different spots (I can't remember where) and said he found nothing to explain the dizziness. The nurse said that they wanted us to repeat the MRI in six months. At this point, neither my husband nor I even thought of the possibility of him having MS, so it never dawned on us. But something just kind of made me think of it last week when I was reading the radiologist's report. The only symptom my husband had had was the dizziness but last week started having some weakness in his hand when trying to hang on to a pen and yesterday when out in the heat he had prickly pins and needles feeling on his arm. The neurologist never mentioned if my husband's MRI was any different than it was in 2003.

I thought it was really weird that they noticed lesions on his brain but never mentioned that there was a possiblity of MS. Does this mean that "nonspecific" lesions usually don't indicate MS. Wouldn't you also think that if dizziness was an issue that they would consider MS and be concered about the lesions?

My husband just relocated to a different state for his job and I am supposed to quit my job in January and follow him with our son. I am very concerned about this relocating process if he could have MS. Any suggestions?


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