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So my fingers on my right hand have been numb for a month now. And they hurt. It doesnt even go on and off. They have just been...well...NUMB continuously! Its really bothersome! My shoulder and forearm hurts as well. Doc had an EMG done which was normal. So now wants to have a cervical MRI done. What could the cervical MRI diagnose?? DO you think he should have one done of the head as well?? And he prescribed me a course of steroids as well. And he said if the MRI (and bloodwork I had done today) doesnt show anything, I probably had some virus and he is "confident" if will resolve itself...What kind of virus causes your hand to go numb??!! I am so frustrated not knowing whats wrong! And my hand feels like a sausage! BTW, I am 27 years old and female. Would a cervical MRI diagnose MS if present?? Anyone have a negative EMG but something show up in an MRI?
A cervical MRI will help your DR,if theres any nerve impingement in the neck area,herniated , bulging or diffused disk.Spinal stenosis and lesions or MS plaque.A EMG/NCS is a subjective test,depending on technician's tecnique,body temperture,and proper location of testing.
I have had negative EMG's and positive MRI,2 blown disk in the lumbar.A cervical MRI will help if it is positive for lesions in MS,but its only one test of many.The steroids will help you if there's inflamation causing the numbness.Virus's can cause numbness,flu,cold,ebv.

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