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MS and Childbirth
Sep 7, 2006
I'm new to the board and but some of the posts I've read sounds so similar to my story. I started having trouble 5 days after my daughter was born. I woke up with my arms and legs jerking kind of like a seizure. I went to the Dr, who then sent me to be admitted into the hospital.

They ran every test imaginable and couldn't find anything. They sent me home saying that it was probably stress on the body due to the delivery. That was 3 years ago and I still have these episodes. After that I started with pain in my arms and legs, numbness and fatigue. I was diagnosed with Fibromyaligia.

Then about a year later I woke up and I could not move my right side. My husband had to get me dressed. I went to the ER and was admitted into the stroke unit for 4 days. The doctors said they could not find anything wrong and that I must be having TIA's (mini strokes) and to take an asprin a day.

My problems got much worse after that. I was back and forth to the doctor. Then when the headaches started my doctor ordered another MRI and then sent me to a nuerologist. They found 1 lesion. When the neurologist looked at all of my records, the lesion was there when they had me in the hospital in the stroke unit. But no one thought it was important. I have been diagnosed with probable MS because there is only 1 lesion. I'm going to a MS clinic in Houston for a second opinion.

My symptoms now include headache, arm and leg pain, numbness and tingling, shocking sensations down my back, muscle spasms (similar to a seizure), twitching (eye, face, hands, legs), severe fatigue, weakness, off balance and falling (I sometimes walk with a cane), and my newest symptom is that my hand will curl up like a claw and no matter what I do, I can not make it straight, it just works itself out over time sometimes hours.

Has anyone else had issues right after childbirth and has anyone every received a diagnosis with only 1 lesion?

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