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Hello again,

I just realized something this evening. I have had this symptom several times in the past but always shrugged it off.

Have any of you ever experienced a buzzing sensation underneath your feet? To me it feels as if I can actually feel electricity running through the floor, almost like a buzzing or humming.
I always thought that it actually was electric currents running through the floor but then it just hit me that if it were true than that would be rather scary!!
To think that there is an electric current running through floors would be kind of dangerous dont you think? I honestly don't know why I had alway assumed this but I seriously never did put much thought into it. I had always just shrugged it off although I do remember my hubby telling me countless times that it can't be possible.

At the same time though when this does occur the floor feels strange, almost soft and a cardboard type's hard for me to explain.

Maybe it is just me but I thought I would post this anyway in the hopes that someone might understand what I am feeling.
Please if anyone has ever felt this same thing or something similar PLEASE let me know, I really don't know anymore and sometimes I do believe that I am turning into a hypochondriac!!

Wishing you all the best in health and happiness!!!
Just today I noticed a strange buzzing on the underside of my right foot. About two seconds of buzzing, two seconds of no buzzing, and then the buzzing again. It doesn't hurt, but anything weird that you've never heard of is scary. It's been doing that all the live long day now. I came home from town and looked it up on the computer, and was very relieved to find many message boards and information on this common sensation. People have different ideas about everything from anxiety to menopausal symptoms to vitamin B deficiencies to a pinched nerve. I was relieved to find so many other people who have had it. I will get some B vitamins tomorrow and start drinking the amount of water I should, but never do. I've lived long enough (almost 53 years) to remember the pre-computer days, when we didn't have links like this and connections to other people we have so much in common with. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write in about this. To all of us ... may we work on our mind, body and spiritual health. *Peace* Tia

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