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There are so many things that mimic MS... Just type mimics MS in your search engine and you will come up with a ton of information. The first thing ordered on me was an MRI... problem was the initial MRI was only the brain, and I had no lesions on my brain. They did another MRI a few months later after another attack, and scanned my brain and spine. My spine was caked with huge lesions. This isn't normal, most people get scars in their brains first, but from experience, not always. My brain has since caught up, and I have plenty of scarring there too, but I take it in stride. The great thing about MS is that it is not fatal, does not shorten your life expectancy, and it does not guarantee you to be in a wheelchair. So don't be too afraid of it. There are so many worse things that you could be DX'd with, and that's where it gets scary. Essential Tremors can be part of MS, or they can be seperate. Essential Tremor is its own disease, you can get information on it from the Essential Tremor foundation. Just go to the website. I've been DX with MS since I was 27, but my mom has seen signs since I was a teenager. I never paid any attention to them. But as for essential tremor, I've had that my entire life. MS makes it occasionally worse, but I can't ever remember a time when I didn't shake, most specifically my hands.

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