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Well well, I am reading about all my greatest hits on this board.

JUST YESTERDAY, I felt very drunk. This does not happen often and I have variations of Mrs. Drunk comes to town. Let me start at the most horrible to the merely troublesome.

--Number one is a feeling of vertigo so strong, that if I do not stop moving and lay down, I will surely vomit. I had a very bad relapse in 2001 and because I did not suffer from balance problems as difficult as this, I was unaware of the consequences of not getting help immediately. I was in the hospital for 5 days. When admitted, I could not open my eyes without the feeling of nausea. After 5 days on high doses of IV steroids (say what you like about steroids---they work) I was able to return home, but I remained unsteady on my feet and was bedridden for three weeks and had to take yet more drugs to counteract the side effects of the steroids. Later, I had a bone density scan performed because steroids may cause bone loss. I must admit that I will make a pretty skeleton.

--Number two is the feeling of vertigo that is incapacitating, but is relieved if I take a nap. If a nap will not do it, a day or two on low does of prednisone (10 mg in morning) will alleviate the problem in a week or in 2 weeks or 2 months. The longest is 4 months and I took 10mg of predisone twice a day.

--Number three is the type where I become my audience of one at the comedy club. [url][/url]
:jester:I am prone to articulate my actual thoughts to people who may use discretion when speaking. Sometimes I slur my words while in this state and I really become funny.

:confused:By way of example of speaking plainly, I stopped at the local donut shop for a muffin and decaf coffee. The lady serving me sneezed and continued to reach for my muffin. Her head was turned away, but gee, I did wish to analyze the direction of the spittle, or an allergy or some new form of disease. I told her to STOP, WASH her hands, and perhaps the muffins on the far end of the counter are a better choice. SHE ACTUALLY DID NOT GET MY MESSAGE. I repeated it several times until another employee understood and served me.

--Number four on my list is a loss of balance control. I may lean to one side or I may fall. I must say, furniture is often around to stop my fall.

--Last on my list is a slight feeling of dizziness, but the dizziness does not have the "loss of balance option." Driving is not a problem; it is more akin to a minor headache. This last type will bring on fatigue. No funny story here. I am just too tired to think of the hilarity of the moment.

Hope this helps, but please take caution that MS symptoms vary widely and take different forms in the individual.

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