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I have been diagnosed with problable MS. Only thing keeping the doctor from a definite diagnosis is a 2nd attack. The initial symptom was a heavy left leg back in August '05.

Starting earlier this year, I've have this pain in my left hip that occasionally turns into my whole left leg aching quite badly. The pain in my hip mainly shows up when I'm sitting in a specific position, such as with my legs cross legged or when I get up from a sitting position and try to walk. It also hurts when I stretch in the morning. It's in a very specific place on the inner part of my hip The all over my leg ache usually would only occur if I really over did it, walking a lot, climing stairs. Yesterday, though, I didn't really do anything too strenuous and my leg started aching and it still aching just as badly today. The doctor initially thought it was trochanteric bursitis but now she doesn't. She x-rayed my leg to see if it's arthritis but that was negative. I took motrin for 3 weeks straight, 3x's a day but it hasn't gotten better. I can tell when I place my hand on the inner part of my hip, that it's larger like maybe it's swollen. My doctor has suggested PT but what good is PT if you don't know what the problem is to begin with.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, were you able to find out what the problem was? If it's related to my probable MS then I'll just reside myself to the knowledge that this pain will probably be with me for the rest of my life. But, if it's something unrelated that I can fix I sure want to try.

I also, occasionally, experience an ache in my left arm.

I have pain in my right side.Originally thought it was extending from lumbar.Previous surgeries,but thats all stable.I have continuous right hip and leg pain.I now yake meds to control it.I went through PT twice.It helped some.An MRI of the lumbar and hip may give your Dr. a clearer picture.Mine has been contributed to my MS.But that was only when every thing else was ruled out.
Hello DG, I'm a newbie..But My pain started in my right hip & leg..But now I have it in my left too,and My arms, neck sholders..etc....
I was DX with Ms sept.2005. Then a Neurologist said he thought maybe i had Lupus..But i likely have fibro too..I'm kinda trying everything for everything now..They have me on 2400mg of Ibuprfen a day..Is'nt that the same as motrin?I also take,Prednisone,Neurontin,Imitrex{for Migrains},Restrol, Tramdol and a BC powder ever now and then just take off the sting...Had my first eposide when I was 27,Took them 15 years to give me a DX..Now they are giving me the run around on that too..My MRI showed two large lesions on my frontal lobe.
Hope this helps..and hope you're feeling better...
Thanks for all the replies. It did occur to me that the initial weakness in my left leg that lead to the doctor suspecting MS is what is causing all the problems. now. I hadn't thought about specifically what it might be like the shortening of flexors. The doctor did have me doing stretching exercises when she thought it was bursitis and I will say that it did help some with the pain when I woke up and tried to stretch my leg in the morning.

Thanks again and good luck to all of you!

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