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Hi Kiwi Girl - not all of us are on the other side of the world! My heart goes out to you - I have a very similar story. Strangely enough, mine goes back 20 years to a serious case of glandular fever (Americans call it mono) as well, and I have been having some strange things going on since, up until a year ago when I had what my dock was sure was an MS attack. How I was treated was very different to you, (although I still don't have a diagnosis yet) I was sent to see a hospital Physician - took a while - saw him 2 months after it all began. He did neurological tests, found hyperreflexia, babinski sign, and Interneuclear ophthalmoplegia, so he pretty much said I had MS, and ordered an MRI of brain & spinal chord to confirm. Waited 4 weeks for MRI (by then things were pretty much resolving) and 1 week for results, only to be told MRI normal. I was stunned - I had told everyone I had MS and even joined the local society. One thing I learned - no Doctor or Physician is supposed to tell you you have MS without the right testing to confirm it and the person who does this, has to be either a Neurologist or a speciallist physician.
Anyway, I was then referred to a speciallist physician - rang the hospital to see how long the wait - they said if you're not urgent, you probably won't be seen for at least a year, if at all. So I did what you need to concider doing - I jumped the queue by seeing him privately - this cost me $220 - not easy as I am a solo mum, but so worth it! I only had to see him once, and there he found enough out about me to consider me eligable to see him at his hospital clinics - I then only had to wait a month. Its a crazy system we have here, and I did feel a bit guilty at 'pushing in', but I had to do it, because the physician wrote such a useless referal letter, that I would never get in.
You need to see another doc if yours is ill - is there another at the same practice who has access to the notes? I can understand you not wanting to do this after that awful experience, but you need to get things moving - another possibility is your doc's nurse - they can do alot more for you than you'd think - maybe find a way to get you into someone else for a second opinion. Don't let that useless idiot put you off - I have been through the same with a Neuro when I was 20 - it put me off docs for years & I never got the help I needed.
I really need to go to bed right now, so much to say, but it'll have to be another time. Basicly, the physician is waiting for me to have another bad 'attack before he does tests like evoked potentials etc, so I'm no closer to a diagnosis right now - he says he thinks it could be MS and that its too early to see plaques on the MRI - many symptoms I have are more consistant with MS than other things, and it gets so frustrating not Knowing, and like you, its been a long time that things have not been right for me, but I have to wait and I have to accept that.

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