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Need some advice
Oct 5, 2006
hello everyone, I havent posted here in sometime, because nuero says its not ms, rather migraines and rls.. but i still think something else is going on.. here are my symptoms.... constant twitching in left leg, i cant see the twitches only feel them and its so annoying.. i get a stange sensation around my ankle area when touched, like a numbing feeling but i still have sensation.. I get a static vibrating feeling in both legs and wierd sensation in my head like i have chills in my head..I started going to nuero in the beginning of this yr because I had low back pain that radiated down right leg.. and constant lightheadedness like motion sickness without the motion... doc did brain mri and only thing that showed was a small pineal cyst which he said is quite common.. i had emg and that was normal.. bloodwork was fine.. nuero exam was normal.. at that time i was get tingling in arms and hands.. stange burning sensation in right leg.. constant fatigue and trouble sleeping at nite.. headaches which i thought were sinus allergy problems... the lightheadedness has since gone away... too make a long story short.. i sought second opion with a differnt nureo because first one said i was fine and all my symptoms should go away on their own.. new nuero said something was goin on with me but when I mentiond ms.. he said although i do have some symptoms it wasnt that because tests were normal.... Oh i also have this problem with my hands and feet getting so cold they turn white and then red when feeling comes back.. doc says its called raynaurds syndrome.. and he doesnt think its related to any of my other symtoms.. he says all my problems are because i have migraines and most likely rls.. he put me on amitriptyline which didnt help.. so now i have imitrex which made me feel worse.. and he gave me sinemet for the rls, which didnt help my legs either.. anyway everyday i feel weak on my left side and constantly drop things and loose my balance alot.. i seem to have insomnia now and my legs cramp up at nite and i get that twitching feeling in them and somedays i just ache in my arms and legs,... i do get headaches and take mounds of allergy meds and advil.. nothing really helps but the allergy meds and advil work better then the perscribtions doc gave me for my migraines.. so i dont know what to do.. do i try and get him to retest me or do other test on me.. or do i just except what he said that its migraines and rls?? sorry so long and maybe doesnt make sence.. im just so tired of not feeling well and taking medicine that doesnt help. doc also said the rls is hereditary but noone in family has it.. he said it can be a symtom of another disease but he doenst feel thats the case for me... I just think that there is a link between all my symptoms. He says migraines can cause all sorts of problems in the body,, but why arent i responding to the meds?? I go back to see him in 2 months any advice on what i should do?? thanks

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