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Hi Sue,

Sx's include:

Skin - crawling, itching, buzzing, burning, tingling. Numbness in arms/legs/feet/hands that comes and goes for periods. Have numb spots on bottom of feet, on upper back over spine, on upper left arm.

Muscles - constant twitching, shaking, tremor, pain, jerking when going to sleep & waking up during night with internal tremor, spasms usually in neck/shoulder/shoulder blade on left side, weakness, stumble over feet frequently when walking, periods of fatigue, periods of severe thigh pain as if I worked out

Ears - ringing usually in left and sometimes loss of hearing or fullness, periods of vertigo, dizziness/off balance often, sound sensitivity, popping/tapping occasionally

Cognitive - stumbling over words, can't recall them, trip over tongue. Short term memory problems as well as long-term - I know what I want to say, but can't think of words or recall them, trouble focussing or processing daily things that never used to be a problem like at work or driving directions - had to ask for help and clarification, flashes of light with loud sounds - usually something that happens while asleep that wakes me up

Eyes - noticed blurry vision in mid-20's (40 now) that got better, now blurred vision that has gotten worse and is in left eye but I used to have periods of time where it was good, but Opthamologist says vision is great; pain/fullness/thickness/floater/small dark images that move in peripheral vision all in left eye; notice blurriness worse after bath or shower, wake up during night with weird buzzing/vibrating/lighted patterns on my walls (weird) but not every night

Swallowing - pain on swallowing with breads/meats, esophagus closes up tight sometimes; choke on saliva and water usually goes down wrong pipe

Headaches - occasional/often migraines on one side of the head from neck up over head; stabbing pain in face at times; sharp shooting pains on side of head near temple, etc.

Bladder - trouble starting to urinate and completely emptying bladder; leaking; frequent urination (1-2 times per hour); dx'd with interstitial cystitis in 2005

Sorry this was so long. Thanks for listening and helping me. Good health to you.


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