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Hi guys,

So like I said in my last post, I have had all the fingers on my right hand numb constantly for the last 2 1/2 months... EMG normal, Cervical MRI normal, blood work normal, bone scan normal...Brain MRI...5 lesions. I am 27 years old and female... I am of Asian descent (Indian) so MS is rare I think...But next week am going for an evoked potential test and in three weeks lumbar puncture...I am confused and scared... I mean, in a way, it just may be what is causing my arm to be numb...(VERY annoying, cause its my right hand!) And once you think you MIGHT have MS dont you start associating all the symptoms with it?? I mean there are symptoms I completely ignored before that I am noticing now... Like the fact that my right leg hurts, my foot and toes really hurt and are getting lots of cramps...I am exhausted all the time. And I get phases of being just bummed out for no reason...Never paid attention to it or just though the "bummed out" was because of work stress or something...Recently I have noticed that I am occasionally stuttering... Maybe its related to MS! Maybe its my imagination! ARGH!

In a way I hope its not MS, but on the other hand I want to know where this numbness is coming from and i want it gone. DOc says if this isnt it, then he hasno idea where its coming from and it will probably go away on its own...I am all messed up. I feel like I have a dark cloud just hanging over my head. I guess I am lucky doc actually DID a brain MRI and wants all of these tests done. I know a lot of peoples' docs dont even recommend the tests... I just want to know....

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