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A MS hug is considered a tight band aound the chest ,waiste,arms or legs.I get the tight band around my upper left arm,,like some one has put a belt around it and tightened it.I can have this last days,weeks and disappear to come back again.Usually the lesions would have to be above the site thats being hugged.


I nver knew that! about the ms hug being felt in other places besides the upper chest area.

I had something happen to me twice, once last year just 2 days after christmas and the other time it happened was the next summer during one of the hottest days.

What I experience though was this strange feeling around my abdomen and back, felt like I had been laughing hysterically for a long time although I was just sitting and watching a movie with my family both times, they just started suddenly.

My abdomen felt really tight like a cramp stuck in there and it was uncomfortabe to eat, to walk, basically to do anything at all and the only thing that helped me was sitting with a pillow on my lap kinda hugging it.

Also both times it happened they lasted for 5 whole days!!
I even ended up in emergency because it was just soooo uncomfortable!!

DX? They had no clue what it was and was sent home to rest until it passed.
Oh and by the way, I am still undx but just recently starting over from scratch with a new DR.

He wants to do the all the tests himself to make sure my previous Dr didnt miss anything.

So does what I experienced sound like it could have a possible ms hug?

We still don't know why that happened but I have always been curious about it.


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