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Hi, I'm 21 years old and have been having a lot of different symptoms and I was wondering if these are symptoms associated with MS..I have not been diagnosed with MS..I just worry my symptoms point to this...ok, first I am a lot of joint and muscle pain and stiffness, I get pain everywhere, like right now my back and neck are sore and stiff. I get a lot of muscle spasms, usually in my lower back, calves and toes. I also sometimes get a severe pain in my neck (the upper neck area, kind of near my jaw), and the neck muscles get tight and it hurts so bad. I also notice that I have some involuntary twitching and movement of my head, it's slight but I notice it..I also sometime notice that with my legs/feet. I get really bad lower back pain all the time, and the pain travels down my buttock. I also get really sharp pain in my heels when I walk. What else, I have hip/groin pain all the time. I experience some numbness but it is usually only on my fingertips and my toes. I get headaches, usually once a week, sometimes they are severe. I also have blurry vision and my eyes are almost always sore. also, I don't know if this is important, but I am very clumsy, I drop things all the time, I stumble and almost fall.I also feel like my muscles are really weak a lot of the time...I was just wondering if these could be symptoms of MS, I know that you are not Dr and can't give me a diagnosis, but if you have MS maybe you can tell me if you have similar problems....I have no family history of this...I have been to the DR and have only had x-rays and they didn't find anything on them. The ortho docs is who I have seen for my pain, and they basically tell me its in my head. It is not..I am having pain...also, I noticed that I have chest pain and tightness occassionally..I was diagnosed woth costocondritis a year ago when that first started, but it hasn't stopped yet....

Thank you for readind this...I would really appreciate your thoughts.

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