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Sorry to hear that the previous symptoms are flairing up.The muscle tightening is enough on its own.Continue to keep your journal.

Don't let the words of your neuro make you think your a crazy person.Neuro's are not the most understanding DR's.You'd think since they work with the brain and central nervous system that they would have some consideration for there patients especially when test come up negative.Not everything is black and white and many neuro's don't like to explore the unknown.

Your symptoms are definatly neurological,not psychological.Yes the stress from the symptoms and idiot DRs can make symptoms worsen.

Blessed I had an updated MRI with and without contrast,which came back occipital atrophy and the same lesion in the occipital region.(no changes from the last one)One week later I had a ENG/VNG a balance test,the results came back CNS abnormalities of the brainstem or left cerebral hemisphere,consistant with MS.If my neuro wouldn't of sent me to the ENT these findings would not of been found.MRI's are great for larger lesions,but micro lesions are not detected.They are detected through evoked testing.

My neuro (I'm blessed to have)was concerned about my hearing loss and tinnitus.An ENT are the only med practice in my area that does the ENG/VNG.Even though both symptoms are compatible with MS,they are not all that common if that makes sense.He wanted to rule out the possibilities of an inner ear disorder.

With these test it explains the off balance and nystagmus.

Please don't think of yourself as being crazy,you are a patient with neurologic symptoms from an unknown origin.Being in limbo is hard,I was there and its frustrating.Not knowing is scary.You have much help and support here.


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