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I'm happy I made you laugh,thats the best medicine.

So glad your brother physically is better.Why don't siblings listen?

SOOOOO HAPPY you found your neuro!!!! I see my neuro and electro-muscular DR on the 30th also.When ya have a good DR no other neuro compares.

Internuclear ophthalmplegia---is a lesion in or near the brain stem that effects a main muscle causing the eyes not to be able to tract moving objects or fixate on still objects .

I'll get poetic justice with my daughter,she has been excepted to Westpoint academy after completion of her senior year.She'll be up doing jumping jacks at 5 am and I'll still be sleeping.Ha-ha.She's such a girly-girl.This will be interesting.

I'm having family Thangsgiving this year.24 people,including my x-hubby and his mother.Long story,its the holidays and life is to short not to get along.I'm trying not to stress my self out,but next week will test me.I havn't had a large family gathering since I got sick 2 years ago from MS.I pray I can do this.

Lilc,I have found with this disease that if I sit around I still have it,if I move around I still have it.Either way I still have MS and I get can not let it have me.I hate the limitations and the effects it has left behind.The vision can be corrected with my glasses,the hearing loss can be corrected with hearing aides,I still hate the leg braces with a passion.I think they cause residual weakness in my legs by depending on them.So when its just me at home I don't wear them,trying to recoup some of the muscle loss.My point is the key to this disease is to except it and keep going.

I have really researched the disease modifying meds and its time.I guess I'm past the denial stage.Maybe with one of them I can get off some of the other meds.Baclofen 30mgs 4 x a day ,zanaflex 8mgs 4x a day ,vicodin,oxy and 5mgs valium 2x a day.Gosh I should be a walking zombie!!!!Just think they still let me drive!!

Laughter,Prayer and these boards keep me going,well so does a 20,17 15 and a 12 year old.Plus throw in a grouchy husband a 140 pound dog a puppy and a cat.It all keeps me a movin and a goovin.

You have a great time in pheonix,I'll be freezing my butt of in Ohio.


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