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We have redone my meds.Instead of taking them together we are seperating them.In the morning I'm taking the valium and baclofen and 3 hours later the zanaflex and so on the only time I need to take all my together is at night.
Yesterday I lived off vicodin all day.The pain was terrible which made the fatigue worse.
I went and signed the paper work for rebif and steroids.Now MS is in all my medical records,so I got my life insurance in order.What a reality check.
I think it all soaked in for hubby today,he went through the paper work with me.
I did get a little shopping done for me today.Usually its for the kids or hubby.Trying to find sweat pants that my new leg brace will fit under.If were up to me I'd wear over my jeans ,but my son gets real sensative when anyone makes a comment.I like to attend his wrestling meets and I don't like it when he feels he has to defend me because some ignorant kid makes comments.Even though he appears to be macho,he's my sensative one.

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