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Ok I get pins and needle sensations in my legs regularly but usually when I have been sitting a few minutes.
That's more or less normal isn't it?
Both legs tingle like crazy and fall asleep in no time but I can walk the sensation off within a mater of minutes.

Also my arms seem to fall asleep even more quickly then that, especially my left arm.
If I sit on the couch or armchair and rest on my elbow, I will immediately start to feel a vibrating, tingling, buzzing sensation in that arm but it usually (but not always) goes away right away once I change position.

Alright, here is what brings me to here tonight.
I went to visit my mother in the next town which is a 20 minute drive from my house.
I sat down at her table to have a cup of coffee with her but then my left foot started tingling and prickling like crazy within like 3 minutes.

Well as usual I stood up to walk it off but didn't happen!
In fact the tingling and numbness got worse and it travelled up to my knee.
The tingling in my calf was so intense that it kind of scared me but on the other hand it was also numb.
This was wierd, tingly, prickly and numb all at the same time!!

Here's the part thats got me worried......
These tingles usually only take a couple minutes for me to walk them off.
Well not this time, this time the tingling and numbness lasted a full 45 minutes!!!

So my question is, what does this mean?
Why did my leg and foot do that?
Has anyone experienced it like that before or something similar??
AND should I call my Dr to talk to him about this new symptom?

OH!! Also been wondering about this other thing I have been having for the past couple of weeks.

My face had been twitching a lot lately and I just ignored that BUT I have a new strange sensation that has been happenning in my cheeks.
Sometimes it feels like my face is stiff or tight somehow, almost like I'm wearing a mask.
My cheeks just feel so wierd, amlost like someone is kinda pinching them or squeezing them.
Does anyone have any idea what in the world this could be???

Am just kinda freaking out here, sorry for the rambling....
Any and all advice and comments will be greatly appreciated!
Thanx a bunch!!

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