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Re: Pain and MS
Dec 16, 2006
please know that many of us join you in that boat.
i am in diagnostic limboland- my chiropractic doc thinks its primary progressive. gr.
I get lots of joint pain and "the zings" in my fingers and toes., and lots of spots and lines of numbness in my back, arms, legs and face.
I think the KEY is having a good doctor/patient relationship. you have to remember that you have a team pulling for you, who believes in you, and who is working WITH you to make YOUR life better.
you also have to remember that everytime you go see a doctor, a therapist, take a medication, its not a defeat "oh i have to do this"
it's a choice. you've chosen to live proactively and youre not gonna let this thing beat you. even if you cant beat it, youre not gonna stop the fight.
youre proactive. the power is yours.
it might not make the pain go away, but it makes the living part easier.
as for pain, try magnesium soaks- epsom salt baths. theres lots of anti-inflammatory properties in magnesium, and it can be absorbed transdermally. inflammatory conditions can be a result or a symptom of magnesium deficiency.

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