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Hello, this might be long.
Here is whats been happening around Nov 19th. I went to the doctor because I felt off balance, felt like my ear was draining(left), pressure on head and teeth. GP told me it was my sinuses and gave me Nasonex to use. A few days later I begin to feel pressure behind my eye(right) and in my cheek and as if my nose was blocked. I was than put on antibotics for a sinus infection. About 4 days later, my mother took me to the ER because I was feeling as if I could not breath properly (I am asthmatic have been my whole life). I also felt as if it was blocked by my breast bone area which was preventing me from taking a deep breath. The doctor at the ER said that it was inflammation of my lungs and gave me a new puffer. The next day, I had to go to a walk in clinic because I could not stop shaking my right leg, felt like my throat was closing off and my right leg/ arm felt weaker almost useless. again couldnt breathe properly. The doctor there thought I might have been having an allergic reaction to the antibotics, and took me off of the antibotics and nasal spray. But also said that because my body was not use to taking so much of the "blue" puffer that that could have been the reaction to it. Also, they believed anxiety was playing a part and prescribed me Lorazepam, which instantly took the shaking away. Eventually the blocked feeling by my breast bone went away (I was not eating). The following week I went to my family physician and he said my lungs were clean sounded great. Lowered the dosage on the puffer, at the same time my "sinus infection" symptoms came back, but the doctor did not want to prescribe anything because of the level of steroids in the new puffer. He sent me for a thorough blood test which came back "perfect" and I went to the eye doctor to make sure it was nothing with my eyes again they were great. Also went to the dentist because they thought the ear problem could be related to that. Started taking OTC decongestant and that is working for the pressure on my head (i still feel as if my ears are draining and off balance). The blocked feeling by the breast bone came back and my doctor is sending me for an upper GI and prescribed Xantax, here is were my MS worries come into play, I looked up MS and all of the above symptoms were listed (off balance, acid reflux, etc) but my other issues are that my right foot/ leg up to my knee feel sluggish and my foot always seems colder than the other. I played competitive volleyball for years and this ankle has always been a problem for me. Also my left arm the hand and sometimes the forearm feel "numb" moreso than numb it feels "tired" if that makes any sense, especially if I am on the computer typing ( I am left handed and do most things with this hand) My pinky finger on the left hand (before all of this other stuff happened) sometimes felt numb, as well, even when the hand didnt. I felt it before and started wrapping my wrist and taking a break on it and eventually the feeling went away. But and someone said it could be carpal tunnel, ( I do spend alot of time on computers) but someone else heard all of my symptoms and told me I should look up MS. And now I am completely worried about whether or not all of these symptoms are related or if they are separate incidences. If anyone actually reads all of this could you please help shed some light for me. I've been looking up alot on MS and now have myself convinced because everything I am feeling appears to be symptoms of MS.

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