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Alberta girl,

Your story is all to familiar.Drs like to assume when there are symptoms out of the norm its anxiety.By no means am I siding with your DR but basic symptoms of axiety do ly within the face.Beings your on paxil and have been he should of further investigated your symptoms.
I am so happy you stood your grounds with this man,so many patients walk away with anxiety as a diagnosis.
The heavy leg and pins and needles in your foot should of been addressed.
I was at my GP's office yesterday to disguss MS meds and steroid use.My neuro told me to get informed and the best way was to see my GP.My GP being the kind soul he is,he read me some notes from my past neuro and the ENT.I have hearing loss caused by MS,my neuro tells the ENT that its coming from the ears,the ENT a wise older DR has at least 25 years of Doctoring over the neuro says its from the brain stem.Now mind you ,I had extensive testing done at the ENT's office the a person can not alter if they tried. My point is hearing loss is rare in MS and my neuro couldn't except the out of the norm.
You have had a difficult time ,have you contacted your regular DR.How is your B-12 levels?
I have had the buzzing in the face and the stiffness.My legs are terrible.The right one is heavy all the time.I have had constant pins and needles in my feet.
Your symptoms are real and they are present.You are by no means a hyperchondriac.
Theres been several here that have been in your shoes,if these DRs just took the time and listened to patients and investigated the symptoms with proper testing.
I have seen a total of 4 neuro's in 18 month time span,neuro 1 said I needed pain management,neuro 2 says there's clinical findings of MS ,no lesions.Neuro 3 several more test,Dx's MS but no lesions.Neuro 4.I seen him last week ,he was the only neuro that looked at the MRI's he didn't reveiw the report.Theres 2 lesions.Neuro number 4 explained all my test results.He went through each lab report,the emg's, the evoked potentials.He said lets starting treating this now,the earlier the better.
All these neuro's go to school and know the signs and symptoms of MS.Some like to dinker around and then theres permant iirevearsible damage.
You keep fighting for answers.You know your symptoms,don't back down.Try to see your regular DR.Tell him you don't want dismissed.

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