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Dear all,

i really need some kind knowledgable advice as i am a bit of a wreck right now,

ok i have done some reading on ms and my symptons seem to fit. i have struggled for two years trying to get a diagnosis, i was diagnosed with lupus but he thinks its mild and there is something else going on. Either a problem with my adrenal gland a doctor once suspected a tumor here in me but i just put off tests cause i thought it was lupus. secondly he is worried up my neuro symptons fits spine problems or possibly i have infection. he still says there may be mild lupus going on but as he put it it is not the major diagnosis, he wrote to my doctor urgently to see me im still waiting but appointment is tomorrow.
this doctor diagnosed me with epilepsy absence, complex partial and tonic the meds i tried gave me complications so he now wants to put me on lamatragine i have heard they are using it in ms now and i wonder why he chose that drug.

ok physical problems>
spine and head pain
dizzyness pins and needles
keep loosing the left side
or left hand will curl and stiffen up
i limp sometimes and my foot curls in
opptical headaches
vision floaters, blurring green blobs
twiching of limbs and face
urinary tract infections had about ten this year
sudden loss of ffeling in my legs that comes on
itchy skin and rashes
drifting left eye??
behavioural chnge although this is during a fit usually
depression obviously
pain in left side
short term memory loss prooven
cant stop going to loo or get blocked up
i am ill all the time and then get these attacks that can last for days even weeks when evything goes wrong usually i end up in hopital and they can't work out what is wrong with me.

ok tests

raised protein in first spinal tap

second spinal tap raised Igg and albumin but not that band thing

cist in brain that was not there a year ago and some marks which i am yet to ask the neuro about.

high rheuamtoid factor

anemia b12 and iron but not really cured by anything

scoliosis of the spine and a small tear annaular tear or lesion in the lumbar area

inflammtion of spine that they put down to sacriolitis

four twenty four hour urines with excesss protein but this does necessarily indicate kidney disease

recurrent utis or blood in urine

inflammtion found in face

superficail blood clot

haitus hernia


i also have extreme muscle wastage, emotional problems and anxiety since this has started. low blood pressure and potassium and low glucose. behavioural chnges usually during fits. did i mention i have itchy skin. thats dry with raised red patches on my face. i have wierd chnges in temperature sensitivity
my skin feels very tight and my physical appearance has chnged. i have had high igg and albumin and low creatine. my doctor put me on herpes tablets which helped a bit but not really done anything he also does not think this is causing all of this.

can someone reply i am at my wits end.

ms for the first time seems to be the thing that fits???

this started two years ago i got a uti, went on antibiotics. then went from going to work gym etc not to be able to amke it up the road to the shops. i saw a dermo cause of the rash she said she would admit me the next day as i did not seem at all well. that night i collapsed and was paralysed. went to hospital next day could hardly walk the medsics saw me i explained the rash was like a sunburn

They referred to a rheumie in two weeks who dismissed me entirely. in the wait for the rheumie i had blurred vision and could not walk for three weeks well just about. anyway ig ot diagnosed with lupus later but never took to the meds and here i am now.

please someone answer me i fell im going down so quick and at least do not want to have to go to the toilet every five minutes i suspect i have a uti too right now


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