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Re: New with MS
Dec 27, 2006
Hi HopeBishop.
I just wanted to say I feel your pain as well. I was diagnosed with RR MS 6 months ago, and am now being told it very well may be Progressive, as I have had 2 relapses since my first diagnosis and neither of them have been good. You said you are not on Meds- they dont usually prescribe MS meds for progressive, although some doctors are of the thinking that any meds might help, and its better to treat it with meds then NOt to..I dont know. Im on Rebif, and hating it..
And you asked about herbs, exerecises, etc. Ill leave the exercising up to Nuff, since she knows more about this than I do...but please PLEASE be careful of what you take as far as supplements go. I have much experience in this department, and in fact brought my own MS on by drinking too much Green Tea, and using fat burners....the immune system is a very sticky sytem, what works for healthy people, does NOT work for MS patients and in fact can be making your symtpoms worse. For instance, you NEVER want to take any kind of ecchineaca (the stuff to reduce colds) EVER. It will spin your immune system into massive overdrive and youll wind up worse tea can do the same thing..however, certain supplements , like fish oils, can reduce inflamation and help you. My suggestion to you, is really search for a nutitionist who is into MS. Dont take JUST the advice of me, or anyone else, and DONT read things on the net- NOT WHEN IT COMES TO THINGS YOU PUT INTO YOUR BODY. Find someone trusted, thru your doctor or hospital, and talk to someone who is VERY famialir with MS. ....

I wish you well and if you have specific questions which you want an answer to, this is the place to ask.....just remember, all of us are answering you based on opinions and experiences...if you really want to work on eating and nutrition, find someone who really truly knows the MS system and work with them on this....eating habits, supplments, etc can really make a difference!

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