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I'm losing my mind waiting for a DX. I've had mutliple symptoms for YEARS and was blown off by my GP as being overstressed, hormonal, whatever.. I've been having dragging of my left leg on and off for the last year. Had episodes of unexplained headaches in my 20's, abnormal eeg at 18 (Dr. could not explain why so he took me off birth control pills). Memory problems started in my 30's and over the last year I've been having falling episodes, eye pain and over Thanksgiving I started with "crazy talk." It had been happening on and off for years with just gobbledy gook coming out at stressful moments (my kids loved it, thought it was hilarious). They got concerned over TKX-giving though when I started calling things by the totally wrong names and could not talk at all at times. I have a new GP and I went to him totally freaked out because of the ice pick feeling I have in my left eye and the droopy left leg and dropsy in my left hand (I was back there in July because of bladder emptying for no good reason and they found no problem, urologist shoved some pills at me and said come back in 3 months). Blood work came back normal but MRI showed "abnormal uptake in various locations of white matter." He couldn't tell me what that meant and told me he was going to get with the neuro he uses the first part of this week because everyone is on vacation.

Anyway, I'm losing my mind he gave me prescript for 1mg xanax and told me he'd call me back. I'm about to go to the ER and DEMAND that a neuro review my films and give me an answer. I feel like I"ve lost 20 years of a possible DX because from my research it's like all the pieces of the puzzle are falling together and I"m furious with my old GP (who is now retired of course). My husband says to wait and see what this GP says and to follow his lead. I'm wanting to make an appt tomorrow and tell him to get me and appt with a neuro ASAP. I have a friend with MS and she basically told me to prepare myself for a positive DX.

Any advice from anyone? I'm twitching and jerking all over the place and driving my family crazy...........

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