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Hi My Name is Gina,

I just wanted to introduce myself. Have been surfing for about 4 wks. now. And reading all your wonderful posts. Here's a little about myself. Sorry if this becomes long.

dx--rheumatoid arthritis 5/83
Heart attack/gall bladder attack 2/98
dx--ulcerative colitis, gerd, stomach ulcers 10/98
dx-fibromyalgia, cfs, bursitis 2/99
restless leg syndrome
sleep problems
numbness, tingling
twitching, spasms everywhere

4 weeks ago explained to my GP Doc something not right, my Mom was worried about me and wanted me to tell him that my memory gettingvery bad, left arm and leg weakness, balance off, constantly dropping things, hitting things, can't remember anything, concentration off, blurred vision, brown spot in right eye for about 1 yr.
He did a couple of tests in office, said my left side a little off, my reflex on left arm and leg hardly there. Balance off could not pass the balance test.
Ordered MRI, did extensive bloodwork--still waiting on results. Like a dummy I have been driving myself crazy because they handed my a disc at the MRI place, I think I see what are lesions, not quite sure. Compared to some on internet with MS. Sure don't have a clear scan thats for sure. Had with contrast and without. Keep leaving messages for Doc's Nurse I need to know it is driving me crazy. Have been off work since 10/26 on short term disability. Back spasms, twitching, numbness, tingling, leg pain, headaches, neck cracking all getting worse thru these past weeks. Just can't stand the waiting anymore.
Sorry so long. Just wanted to introduce a little about myself. Thanks


Sorry meant to put sad face on thread. Can't see to well!

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