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Well lately I have become very paranoid about my health.

Male, 22, slightly overweight.

I have nearly diagnosed myself with every bloody disease I read about!
But lately I have been having the following symptoms, which has led my stupid mind to MS. I have rated the pains / discomforts out of ten in regards to severity:

Tightness in inner thighs - 1/10
More frequent urination / bowel movements
GERD related symptoms
Sore neck on one side - 4/10
fatigue / dizziness / faintness - 7/10
Weakness in arms and legs - 5/10
chest pain - 3/10
lower back pain and hip pain - 5/10
slight itchiness - 2/10
Floaters in vision (I have had floaters for around 4 years, but didnt put it down to much until I noticed a few more coming up, now there are a lot when I look at the sky).

My doc has diagnosed me with GERD previously, but I barely feel like I have it...

Do all of these syptoms point to MS or something else?

Please help me, I am really going out of my mind here.

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