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Hi everyone, I'm Kimmy and this is my first post. :wave:

After having read nearly all of the threads/posts I registered today and thought I would introduce myself and tell my most likely long-winded story.

I am a 50 y/o female, married with one grown child, 3 grandkids and 1 kittycat. My exercise in futility is that I have been having symptoms for around 20 years yet do not have a dx other than the "possible MS" dx I was given in 1990. The main reason being that I did not have insurance for most of that time, and all of the information I had gotten before that told me there was no cure or effective treatment anyway, so I figured a firm diagnosis didn't really matter much. In any case, I just recently started back seeing a neurologist, but on Friday she "fired" me. Yes, that is exactly what it felt like. After what was my most serious attack to date I went to my PCP and he ordered an MRI (without contrast), some blood work, and referred me to a neurologist.

Now I understand that some of these may or may not be related to MS, but I will give you a summary of my symptoms, most of which are relapsing/remitting and vary in length of duration. I most likely forgot something but I will add it if anything else comes to me. Otherwise, feel free to ask me for clarification on anything.

Numbness/tingling/jerking in my arms and legs, a numbness and saggy feeling on the right side of my face, constant muscle spasms and twitching (particularly in my thighs/back of upper arms/face, migraines, intense stabbing pain in and below my right eye and in my left temple, eye pain when I look from side to side, cognitive difficulties, itching, general clumsiness, I "trip" over bare floors and carpeting and have fallen down the stairs a couple of times but I more frequently fall up them, manual dexterity, ear ringing, dizziness, and extreme low back pain.

New/heightened issues that sent me back to the Dr.:

Increased difficulties with congnitive function, tremors in right hand, vibration in legs, speech (trouble finding words/names and stuttering/repeating words/slurring), transposing letters when typing, short-term memory problems, decreased manual dexterity, problems with night vision, pupils different sizes, facial spasms as if someone is pinching my nose for the last two months. I know I'm forgetting some things, but that's the nature of this beast. :dizzy:

On my MRI there was a small white spot which the neuro promptly dismissed as insignificant. She then did a cursory exam in an 8x9 exam room. She had me walk about 5 feet and do heel/toe back, which I absolutely cannot do without falling. She manually checked my blood pressure (on two separate occasions) and got 141 as the high number, even though it has rarely ever been over 110 and is usually in the 90s or lower. She also whacked my right arm, ankle, and knee with the mallet, told me to touch my nose with my right finger, and looked in my ears. After that she ordered an EEG, a carotid untrasound, and a B12 test.

Second visit, I went to ask her to fill out my temporary disability form for my boss. She refused, stating that it was not possible because there was no dx and told me to have my PCP fill it out, which he did. During that visit I also tried to add some information that I felt had been forgotten in my initial visit, including the tremors and jerking, and her response to me was, "I don't want to hear about every little thing." I was very nearly in tears. She edged her way to the door as if she was scared of me and rushed me out the door. I found that to be very odd behavior for a Dr.

Third visit, follow-up to testing: She told me the EEG and ultrasound came back normal but my B12 was 150. Although, this could be due in part to my taking Protonix to inhibit the making of stomach acid so she ordered a re-test. I did not get the results of that one. :mad: My PCP has since put me on B12 injections which my husband does for me. Next she sent me for an heart ultrasound, an holter monitor and neuropsych testing. Ironically, my daughter gave me a Nintendo DS for Christmas with the Brain Age and Big Brain Academy games. When I took the neuropsych tests I felt like I was cheating because most of them were exactly the same as the ones I had been practicing for the previous two weeks. :jester:

On Friday she told me the neuropsych test was normal and that she had done everything she could do for me and since she found nothing I was being released from her care. I only saw her 3 times for a grand total of about 30 minutes and that was the best she could do. I felt as if I was going to have a complete breakdown right there in her office. She said I was free to get a second opinion and suggested the Mayo Clinic or the U of M and quickly ushered me out the door. :rolleyes:

I am at my wits end! Did she really do everything she could have? Am I totally nuts? Sometimes I'm afraid to drive and I have been out of work since this last episode began. I can't afford to stop working and I need help! :confused:

Edit: I forgot some things so I will add them here: extreme fatigue, vertigo, and a strange sensation that feels like someone is massaging my hands, legs, and feet. I also forgot to add that the neurologist prescribed Inderal for my migraines. It works to a point but not ideally. Although not as severe I still have headaches, but the weird flashing lights no longer precede them.

Also, something that happened a few nights ago. I was trying to fall asleep when my left arm and leg jerked. At that same moment my right inner ear began to vibrate and since I was laying on my left side it sounded like a motor against the pillow. Very strange. Okay, that's all for now, I'm going back to bed.

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