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Hello Dgibson and thanks for the input. You are being plenty clear and I thank you for the advice. I will certainly consider a second opinion. I guess I am feeling a bit uneasy about the episodic nature of my symptoms and the fact that they have been so 'silent' to date. If I had a useless limb then we could all agree that something is wrong and further testing is needed, right? But I find I am being asked if my symtoms are better and they are, today. So it just seems reasonable to take a wait and see approach. So far. To be clear: I have not had anything besides a brain MRI. Oh, I had a cervical MRI on Dec 19th to assess a herniated disk -don't know if that MRI could/would 'see' lesions on the spinal cord?
This neuro seemed so sure that these 5-10 lesions were perfectly reasonable and unremarkable for a person my age (44). Her words, "Of all the MS patients I have ever seen, I have only ever had 3-4 who had an MRI that looks as good as yours so MS goes to the bottom of my list - right now." I asked and she confirmed that MS can't be ruled out. But her plan was to hope for a recovery and then begin clinical testing and that with the EP testing.
If I am having any symptoms on my return visit in 2 weeks I will insist on blood work. I can test for Lyme at my own workplace so long as she writes the orders (State labs). I guess what gave me confidence was that I did not detect a feeling that she wanted to brush me off.
I am wondering about these lesions? The report and her opinion is that they are 'non-specific'. How often do people with an MRI report like mine end up with MS? Inquiring minds want to know?
Thanks again and take good care - Suzy-Q

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