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All forgiven! When I said I was 'new' I meant I'm new to this board or any board for that matter! This was the first time I've looked at Message Board, and something possessed me to actually post something! Anyway, with this being my first time posting, I was really surprised by your reaction! But, looking back I can see that for someone dealing with so many issues as you are, my post may have been a 'slap in the face!' I will be more careful next time.

I am NOT wishing something awful to happen to me! It's just that I have talked with other 'MSers' or those with MS loved ones, and they almost get angry with me because I'm not suffering as much as them. I come away feeling guilty. It's like I just don't fit in. Like my dx is not legit!

I am doing well, but I have noticed that some things are more 'on' than 'off.' For example, my first sx was numbness throughout most of my body, along with the electric shock when I bend my head down. Those went away completely and the entire body numbness has only reappeared one other time. However, several fingers on my right hand are seemingly always numb now and the electric shock is constant too. But again, no big deal. When I walk up to someone else using a walker, let's say, and I tell them these two minor problems I have, they seem disgusted! (Much like your response to me)

I'm just sick of being treated like I really don't have this disease. That's what it feels like -- I'm just not accepted. When I was first dx everyone else with MS was very supportive, but when I 'recovered' and went on with life basically problem freeSo, they felt I left them in the dust. It's not just one person's several.

I'm not trying to cry in my beer, or get sympathy..I just want those with more serious sx to not get upset with those that are not. That's all. The air is now cleared, and I feel better -- hope you do too!


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