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The pain you describe in your hip seems similar to what I've been experiencing for over a year now. My neuro doesn't seem to think it's related to my MS at all. He referred me to a ortho who said it could either be bursitis or a tear. He game me a shot in my hip, straight into the bursa (PAIN) and said that should make it feel better. It did for about 2 weeks and now it's back to how it was. I can stand for long periods of time though. It's more if I walk a lot or if I'm sitting with my hip splayed out and then I move it back in to get up. I also experience quite a bit of aching behind my knee my thigh and my lower leg. Very intermittent though, not constant. I have a MRI scheduled in March to see about the tear possibility. Was bursitits ruled out with your hip? When the bursa is inflamed, it is quite painful if that area is pressed on.

Anyway, just something else to consider. If you do begin the tests to rule out MS, insist on a Lumbar Puncture. A positive result can speak volumes.

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