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OMG! I had this last night and scared me to death!

I was checked with an MRI last October for MS and when all tests were negative, doc decided I was having migraines. He threw me on Topamax. Until recently, it had been a lifesaver. For the past week I've been experiencing this:

Last Wed: my right thigh went numb.
Thursday: thigh still numb, both feet kept going numb in patches and hurting. I switched shoes because I thought it was my sneakers.
Friday: pretty much the same things continuing. My migraines came on full force!
Saturday: My right eye started to feel uncomfortable like something is behind it or in it. It doesn't hurt HURT, it's just bothersome. Especially when I move it around. By the nighttime, my right leg started to get weak.
Sunday: right leg AND left leg weak. no trouble walking, just feel weak. I take a really hot bath to see if that makes it worse since it always did before when this used to happen. And I could hardly pull myself out of the tub.
Monday: my legs start feeling tight like someone is pulling the muscles as you would a rubber band.
Tuesday: since my eye pain and migraine is still going strong and I've requested an increase in my Topamax, my neurologist wants to see me in his office! Thank goodness! We are hit with a snow storm and I can't make it, though. more tightness and actual muscle pain going into the night. the right side of my face is numb all day!
Wed: right side of face numb, limping at work from tight right leg, have to keep massaging the muscles to loosen them up. My feet ache and keep going numb. My headache had went away Tuesday night, BTW. When I laid down that night, the moment my head hit the pillow my entire face went numb all the way down my neck! I was having problems swallowing. I couldn't wake my husband and thought I was having a stroke. It went away after roughly 10 minutes and only my right side is numb now.
Thursday and Friday: right side of face still numb, right leg stiff, right arm weak, eye problems still there.

I see my neuro on the 19th. I'm hoping he'll re-do the MRI because I don't think this is simply migraine related! BTW - last night I awoke in the middle night 4 times with electric shock sensation running down the right side of my body from my head to my toes. They HURT! I've never had those before.

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