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Re: Spinal tap
Mar 7, 2007
I had a one last Tuesday. I was fine Wednesday until the evening and then it started. I drank lots of caffiene as I was instructed and took it easy the first day.
The headache was not pleasant but what I had was horrible and I mean HORRIBLE pressure in my shoulders and neck up into my brain.
Thursday I went in for the blood patch.
Friday I went back in for [I]another [/I]blood patch.
The 2nd one did the trick.
Other than awful back pain from so many needles and bruising from all the IV'S, I'm back to normal.

I'm not a spinal tap fan, by any means. They'll have to find another way to get it cuz it ain't comin out my spine, lol.

How long once they have the fluid, does it take for the results to come in? It's been over a week. The neuro office says one is back but not the ones they are looking for, specifically.

Results thus far:
Abnormal Auditory EEG
Abnormal MRI
Abnormal VEP
Awaiting LP results for diagnosis

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