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Teacher2be, I have done the same thing. I wanted to know the difference between pain in fibro versus MS since I have both. I learn a great deal studying the symptoms of all fibro, ME/CFS and MS. I also have TMJ. The symptoms cross over it was confusing.

For me the first symptom was when I didn't recongize my son. He said I was just staring at him as though I didn't know him. I didn't. I told my neuro and he was checking for stroke or seizure by MRI.

Next, after my ambulatory EEG was non-conculsive, I was scheduled for a second one. I told him about my double vision and sudden change in vision. I just bought new glasses and had them four days. I was typing on the computer when everything blurred, then double vision, feeling weird in my head for awhile. After it was over, it was like I never changed my prescription in my glasses. With that information, my neuro order the evoked potentials. I did all three parts. It came back abnormal for eyes and legs. I knew it meant I had nerve damage.

I realized that I had problems with bowel incontinence for nine years, double vision for 8 years and my legs weakness that I thought was just fatigue for awhile. I already had balance problems in 1991 when I got hurt and I still have it. I have all kinds of allegries, chemical sensities..etc. There was a booklet on ME/CFS and I marked off almost all the symptoms. After such a long time, you think everything is fibro or CFS. And when treated by doctors with disbelief, you just don't want to bring up anything else.

My MRI was clear, evoked potentials abnormal. I had a spinal tap it was negative. But I had a recent episode of weakness in leg within six months of my eyes. I couldn't step up from my right leg and ask my son to pull me in. With that I was dx MS.

I notice now the tingling, numbness in legs, burning feet and hands. My right leg drags behind. Sometimes face, lips go numb and it could just be one side of the body. I still have double vision and usually get dizzy or off balance with it. I also have bladder incont. I just had procedure to correct it but I still leaks walking. That is related to MS. The pain is in my quads, sides of thighs and it gets tight feeling. I had my legs go stiff during treatment. I could stand but barely walk. I am in physical therapy to help with gait and mobility.

What are your symptoms? With MS, the blurred, double vision, loss of vision is the first sign or symptom of MS. If you are experiencing any weakness in your limbs, you need to have that checked out.

I should have told my doctor right away about the double vision and the bowel incont. Those definitely were not fibro related but I waited.

I hope you don't have fibro or MS. I hope I answer your questions. It is something I think about also especially when I have all these other symptoms. I guess when there is a worsening of a symptom, I will let my neuro know about it and not wait.

I wish you the very best.


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