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Hi all, I am back again!! lol

My Dr (who I was scheduled to see today) had an emergency (patient was dying) so they had to cancel my appt today.

The twitching has not resolved at all and yes it has spread even more!
Same hand but the twitching is on the top part of my hand, this is a really strange sensation as it feels like I have a bunch of worms (eew I know, lol) underneath the skin and you can actually see the movement.

To make matters worse I got this awful ache/pain in my left shoulder 3 nights ago and my arm felt heavy and wierd.
By the next evening I had pins and needles sensations from my hand all the way up to my elbow.
My arm/hand did not go numb but it did feel very heavy and still feels this way. The pins and needles sensation is not so bad but yes they still come and go.

Another thing thats going on now too involves my right leg.
That is strange, how can I have symptoms in my left arm and then the right leg???
Anyone know how this could happen?

Anyway I seem to have been dragging my right leg lately and it feels awful.
If I even bend over to pick something up my leg instantly tires out like I had been working it out all day long.
And once I stand up I stagger around trying to get my balance because my leg keeps giving out.
I have pain with it as well, not a terrible pain more like an overtired, overexerted burn type of feeling.

I now walk like a darn penguin and constantly feel like I am walking through water, lifting my legs up seems to have become a challenge.
I am always aware of this because I can hear the shuffling noise I make and it makes me feel sooo self conscious and embarrassed.
My sisters have already commented on it!:eek:

The pain behind my eyeball is pretty terrible too.
Just had a Visual Field test today but wont know the results until after the Optometrist calls me back.

Also the pain in my back keeps me up at night and just doing daily chores has become a major chore for me.
Thats a funny one too my back.
I have this problem ONLY on the left side, from my shoulder down to my waist.
It feels like I have an elastic band pulled really tight in there and doing just about anything really hurts!

No matter what position I get into, the burning, stiffness and pain are always there.
It practically feels like my muscles have gotten stuck somehow!

Anyway just wanted to update anyone who might be interested.
Still dont know whats going on and am frustrated as heck!!

Anyone have this happen to them before??
Please let me know, I am at a loss on what to do!

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