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I hope this is not to long. About 4 years ago my life was great. I was a truck driver seeing the world. I decided to drive local to be close to home for the kids. B4 I went local by a couple of months I got bronchitis. I seemed to have it forever. It just wouldnít seem to go away. Well I thought I was better and came in local. All of a sudden when I thought I was better I got what I thought was laryngitis (?) I totally lost my voice, and there was something in my throat that made it hard to breathe. It was like glue and it just wouldnít come up, and when it did it was so thick I never seen anything like it b4. I began to ache and burn all over, and became so week some days I couldnít even climb in my truck. I finally went to a doctor and saw an LPN who ran test and said I had Emphysema. I began to cry and told her that I hurt all the time and I was so tired. She brushed it off like I had the flu. So I tried to tough it out, tried to keep working and things just seemed to get worse. I finally broke down to my boss and told him I needed so time off that I just couldnít do this anymore. He gave me a week off and then he fired me. By the way I lost my voice for almost 8 months and had to teach myself how to talk all over again because I had no voice, and the glue in my throat stayed with it. I went to another Doctor whom I broke down in front of because I just felt Broken up all over with aching fire that made me so weak. My husband mentioned fybromyalgia, cause believe me we talked to who ever would listen, we wanted information on it and the doctor said, "well thatís what she has", like he just pulled it out of the air. I went through a stress test on my heart, had all the blood work you could imagine and everything was always normal. Got another doctor who thought I was crazy because I was so depressed from being in pain all the time. He never did anything but pass out all kinds of anti-inflamitories which did nothing, and anti-depressants. In the mean time my back began to burn so intensely anytime I stood or walked in the lower middle part of my back, it would get locked up and I could barley get to a chair. If I sat it would relieve some of the burning and pain but it would ache. I have to walk around with a shopping cart because my legs get so weak and my back hurts so bad I need something to lean on. I can not get up with out help or furniture (I Am telling you where I am now as far as my condition) Once I get to my feet and get a good motion going I can walk pretty good but then my back begins to burn, and my legs get weak and burn like fire. When I try and brush my hair my arms burn and ache bad and get very weak, it aches at my joints and burns everywhere in between when I use them. In the center of my chest under my breast at the top of my ribs it feels like someone is grabbing and twisting my muscles, and its almost paralyzing. It shoots nasty pain up the sides of my neck into my temples, and my throat begins to burn like fire. Not like heartburn. If it gets too intense I sweat profusely from my face. I was told this was acid reflux but it never seems to happen after I eat anything. Sometimes I find it hard to swallow food or liquid. Now, and this is a new recent thing, I keep seeing these zipper like floaters in my peripheral vision area and sometimes in front of what I am looking at. It makes it hard to see the things I am trying to look at. It usually only happens in my left eye but I have experienced it in my right eye as well. Usually only one eye at a time, but have experience it in both eyes same time a couple of times. This has been going on for about 2 or 3 months now and at first thought nothing of it just thought it was weird. It doesnít happen every day, just once in awhile. My whole body aches and burns all the time. Some days are good, some days are fair, but some days are unbearable. Sometimes I feel good for short periods of time, and then it comes back with a vengence, for weeks, sometimes months. When I wake up in the morning whatever side I am sleeping on as far as my torso sides is numb to the touch. I wake up in the middle of the night with numb hands that wake me up cause they feel like ice when this happens; it aches up into my arms. My shoulder joints ache and that wakes me up. Sometimes if I lay the wrong way my legs go paralyzed and the lower part of my back feels weird. My hands feel cold most of the time, even when I am awake. Sometimes if I try to reach out to an object its like my arms will not lift up where I want them to go- like thereís something fighting them. When I wake up in the morning the small of my back hurts so bad I cannot move. It takes a little bit to get up. Everything just hurts. Ok currently whatís going on with the doctors is this... I begged my doctor to see an orthopedic specialist cause I thought it was something in my back, and instead he sent me to a rheumatoid specialist. Rheumatoid specialist confirmed fybro, and did MRI. to rule out Arnold Chara (?) disease. When I called for the test results, I was told by the nurse that the doctor doesnít treat patients who have MS and I needed to see a neuro specialist. Rhum doc found 3 white lesions on my brain. Went to neuro spec. And he said he didnít think I had Ms but rather peripheral neuropathy, and thought I was Diabetic. Up to that point I was not diabetic, but did blood test for it and all of a sudden I was diabetic. So I was suck with the diagnosis of fybro, and diabetic neuropathy. I moved and had to change Doctors again and when I got my new Doctor He was very rude and proceeded to tell me he did not think I had fybro, or Neuropathy, so proceeded to send me to his own rheumatoid spec. and neuro spec. Went to neuro spec. and he asked me a series of questions, which I answered honestly, and sat me on the table and cracked me in the kneecaps. I brought films in from my MRI, and he never even pulled them out of the folder. He looked at the doctorís reports and said, "I think what the other neurologist thinks,- you have neuropathy". I then proceeded to ask him what the lesions on my brain were, and he said " Well I donít know, have you ever had migraines?", and I said well yeah I have had a few in my life (who hasn't?)And as I barely finished my sentence, he says " well thatís it then- thatís where there (the lesions) from", Again reminding you he never even pulled the films out of the folder one time, and sent me out the door with an increase dosage of gabapentin 600 mg [email protected] a x 3x a day. I then went to the rheumatoid specialist who confirmed fybro. He also sent me to a doctor for nerve conduction test on my legs (only), which then confirmed peripheral neuropathy. However.... What if I am still being misdiagnosed? I have been researching neuropathy, and Multiple sclerosis and I feel my symptoms are more closely related to MS not neuropathy. Ok so I have neuropathy, but isnít it possible I could have both and the MS is being over looked? I am due for another MRI (was told to have another one in a year). Have a doctor appt. coming up with rheumatoid spec. next week and I am not sure how to deal with this. Should I request my MRI? Should I tell him of my feelings? I am to a point where I am afraid to stand up for myself, cause I think all these Doctors think I'm crazy. I am really not crazy but all these problems are enough to make a person crazy. Not sure what to think anymore. Should I request a spinal tap? Do I have Ms, Neuropathy or both? Sorry its so long think I just need to get it all out. Any help or advice would be so great. Again sorry so long.

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