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Going Nuts
Mar 23, 2007
the wife had anouther vertigo spell, the workplace was moving. i had to pick her up from the work place again. if its not the vertigo then its the fatique or blurry vision. i dont understand why her quack isnt doing any outher tests we see him on tues and also have a nuero appointment set for april 25. the wife cant take it its driving her crazy and its driving me nuts.
we cant wait to see whta the new nuero has to say.
he has a family doctor thats going to work with us beside himself. i guess ther going to do a fisical on april 25 and check out a bunch of things. hopefully we can get the wife results sooner from this guy instead of being told ill mail the results or i will call if results are abnormal and then no call no mailing, the old nuero made us wait till next appointment. :confused:

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