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I don't have MS but my Aunt does and she suffers from very debilitating back pain...lower back pain. She said it feels like she has exposed nerve endings in her lower back and the slightest bending for even a few seconds brings it on intensely and as soon as she straightens up it fades away......nerve pain like a toothache. She gets this same kind of pain when she walks a little to fast or too far, which varies from day to day to a few steps to a block....her legs and muscles burn with nerve pain from the simple activity of walking, even just to her mailbox. She is currently in a wheelchair but pain is one of her biggest complaints. She has mentioned her legs burning at night like she has a severe sunburn too, anyone else with any of this?

I had the sunburn-like pain issue for awhile after having neck surgery for a herniated disk (C4-5 ACDF). There was an area of skin on my upper back that felt super sensitive and burned just like sunburn, but the skin looked completely normal. Once they put me on Neurontin for other nerve related pain issues I was having, the "phantom sunburn" issue resolved. I don't have MS, I just caught this thread by the "back pain" in the title. When I posted about the sunburn thing on one of the back pain or spine pain boards (I don't remember which one) someone replied that it could be a sign of something I think she called central pain syndrome. I don't know if this could explain your aunt's burning legs or not, but it might be something for her to ask her provider about.
Good Luck!

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