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Michael asked me to post a short list of my symptoms so here goes. Started in September 2006 and progressing ever since. Many tests- MS and otherwise- all negative. No spinal yet cause no indications I need one. Anyone have any ideas?

- constant Numb in whole body except front of torso- including tongue.
- constant ear pressure and full head feeling - like my brain is too big for my skull
- constant off balance and dizzy
- weak and burning sensation like I just ran 10 miles arms and legs (Not fatigued)
-intermittent flashes in my left peripheral vision
- intermittent urinary incontinence
- intermittent tight feeling around my torso from navel to diaphragm
- very weak after I take a bath
- lately experiencing the chills - like when you say someone walked over your grave. body goes all cold and prickly.


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