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I ama 42 yr old female and in the past year I have had 4-5 episodes where the symptons would be the electrical shock sensation going through my body to the top of my head,severe hand pain,often with a few fingers being numb,chest pain (heart is ok)tingling on top of head--and this last spell was something else--both the soles of my feet hurt terribly--made it hard to walk-one hand was affected--not the total hand and at the onset it was painful to the touch....and of course the electric coursing through my body and the tingling on the top of my head....after about a week this has subsided greatly,.just a small amount of pain in feet and hand...........had a cat scan today everything is ok...I have weird pains in my face and temples and head at times.....any suggestions....when all this started I had to go to my eye doc cause it felt like something huge was behind my eye--he gave me steroids and told me to go get an mri but I didnt...I dont know if it was optic neritis...

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