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I had an MRI in September, and my neuro told me it was probably not MS, as "there were no spots or dots" on it. Well, I had an episode Monday night, where the entire left side of my body (from foot to scalp) went numb. I was buzzing, too.. I called the Neuro, and at first she suspected stroke, but as I was in the ER waiting, the sensation traveled just slightly over to the right side- ruling that out. Because of that, they did not do any significant testing on me- just some blood work. Could only tell me I'm anemic- but the ER doc did say he really felt it was MS. (I did mention I'm in the process of finding out whether or not I have chronic Lyme, just to cover my bases. He felt that was a good idea).

Well, after following up with the Neuro's office, they want to do another MRI- because (as the nurse practitioner admitted) there was some kind of "artifact" found between the c3 & c4 in my cervical spine, but that at the time they assumed it was nothing. Um, :confused: (My research leads me to believe that an artifact could just be something weird on the film, and not on/in my body).

I am curious to know if any of you have been told you previously had an "artifact" on your MRI, only later to learn you have actual lesions.. and then were later diagnosed with MS? Or have you had this similar type of experience, at least.. in terms of your MRI? What did you find out the artifact actually was?

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