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Hello All,
I am in the midst of my first relapse while being on Rebif. My lower left leg is numb and my foot feels like its in a freezer! (New one for me, the foot being cold) Wondering if anybody has had these symptoms and how did you get through it?! Doctor has me going in for more MRI's Saturday and starting steroid treatment for five days. (Solomedrol) I take Neurontin 300mg 3 times a day. My leg stiffness and numbness goes away sometimes, but stays with pretty much, but now when I walk my left knee drops, and my foot drags. Renting a wheelchair tomorrow because Sunday is the MS Walk here in San Diego. My team has raised almost 4,0000 bucks.
I am staying off leg, keeping it elevated, and using a heating pad every now and then. I hope I'm not making it worse, but the heat feels good on the knee! Man, my foot is cold!!
I'm hoping and praying that my leg comes back!!


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